Magic Boots

Victory Road


Username: Eva
Level: 1
Cards: 62
Wishlist: Charmander, Sylveon, Fennekin, Articuno, Ninetales






New Decks: leafeon01, leafeon02, leafeon05, leafeon19, milotic03, milotic05, milotic09, milotic13, frillish03, frillish09, frillish11, frillish17, azumarill01, azumarill03, azumarill12, azumarill19, gothita01, gothita03, gothita08, gothita14
GRAND OPENING: G-glaceon03, R-charmander04, A-charmander05, N-sylveon05, D-rapidash01, O-sylveon06, P-espurr01, E-fennekin02, N-fennekin03, I-articuno02, N-articuno03, G-glaceon05
Mio's Wish: D-charmander07, A-articuno04, R-flareon02, K-fennekin04, T-ninetales03, Y-sylveon07, P-lapras03, E-leafeon03
Hotaru's Wish: F-fennekin05, A-articuno05, L-leafeon04, L-lapras02, 2-ninetales02, 0-charmander08, 1-flareon01, 9-sylveon09
Lex's Wish: fighting, grass, dark, ghost, dark, grass, steel, poison, ghost, bug candies
Totodile 21: fearow13, cosmog01, omanyte05, +5 stardust, +1 ice candy
D I T T O: tyrantrum13, arbok06, lillipup17, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy
Daycare Downtime: ivysaur05, sandshrew18, nidorino08, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy, +1 normal candy
Hang-Ten: zubat19, swampert18, growlithe18, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
Magne Memory: tyranitar17, totodile08, nidorino07, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
Minun or Plusle: cleffa14, snivy05, weezing15, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
PokeCenter: blaziken03, cinccino09, drampa01, entei09, spinarak08, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy, +1 ground candy
Azumarill's Reflection: arcanine20, kingler20, haunter17, venonat16, +5 stardust, +1 ground candy
Team Troubles: clefable09, purrloin14, mudkip03, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
New Decks: cleffa01, cleffa20, munchlax02, munchlax09, kirlia04, kirlia07
Forum Participation (Wishlist Creation): mareep10, vileplume03, muk12
New Decks: glaceon02, glaceon04, litwick02, litwick09, skitty08, skitty11, zebstrika01, zebstrika09, bellossom01, bellossom17
DORIAN: D-charmander03, O-sylveon04, R-articuno01, I-fennekin01, A-ninetales01, N-glaceon01
Jirachi's Wishes (09/10/19 - Nejana): caterpie06, quagsire03, chikorita11, cinccino07, swampert19, gastrodon05
Totodile 21: jolteon01, sylveon10, swablu11, +5 stardust, +1 flying candy
D I T T O: beedrill13, drampa19, morelull13, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy
Daycare Downtime: hypno12, pichu10, ponyta10, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy, +1 fairy candy
Hang-Ten: koffing06, turtwig19, gloom01, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
Magne Memory: ninetales17, venomoth04, chinchou13, +5 stardust, +1 electric candy
Minun or Plusle: zebstrika07, abra18, pidgey17, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy
PokeCenter: piplup18, gastrodon14, mrmime01, murkrow19, mantine18, +5 stardust, +1 bug candy, +1 rock candy
Azumarill's Reflection: spinarak04, lapras01, rotom16, dewgong06, +5 stardust, +1 water candy
Team Troubles: cloyster02, onix20, altaria02, +5 stardust, +1 fairy candy
Prejoin Bonus Package: grimer13, kabutops17, drowzee11, mankey01, arbok10, charmander01, charmander02, +30 stardust, +1 ghost candy
Trainer Starter Kit: doduo07, charmander11, magnemite02, charmander06, + mc-Eva, +20 stardust, +1 rock candy, +1 water candy
New Decks: sylveon01, sylveon02, mareep16, mareep18, espurr02, espurr03
Wishes: S-sylveon03, E-electrode07, P-piplup02, T-togetic18, E-espurr14, M-magmar04, B-bellsprout11, E-electrode20, R-rapidash11
G-golbat13, A-arbok17, L-lickitung07, A-alakazam02, R-ralts01
5 fire candies
Wants to Battle...(Waitress): caterpie07, skiddo13, diancie19, +5 stardust
Team Troubles: miltank08, swampert16, kabuto03, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
Azumarill's Reflection: weepinbell15, seadra09, kabutops15, herdier05, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy
PokeCenter: tentacruel14, rhydon11, flaaffy17, ninetales07, mewtwo17, +5 stardust, +1 ghost candy, +1 grass candy
Minun or Plusle: articuno09, pumpkaboo11, venusaur07, +5 stardust, +1 steel candy
Magne Memory: dodrio08, fennekin17, zubat07, +5 stardust, +1 dragon candy
Daycare Downtime: feraligatr17, celebi02, chandelure17, +5 stardust, +1 normal candy, +1 fire candy
D I T T O: poliwrath01, squirtle18, houndour01, +5 stardust, +1 fire candy
Totodile 21: alakazam04, ralts04, venusaur11, +5 stardust, +1 fighting candy
Wants to Battle...(Cyclist): sylveon08, marowak06, poliwhirl19, +5 stardust
Starter Pack: charmander18, charmander11, staryu16, zorua11, seaking04, swampert06, +30

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